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What’s happenin

Its been a crazy productive 2017 so far. I’ve painted 25 new paintings and sold 18, some old, some new. As always I am pretty shoddy on keeping this site updated. I consistently post pictures of new work on Instagram: cjackattack. Currently I have some work up at Storenvy, just a few paintings and my Bad Bitch postcard packs. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll update it to have all my current works for sale. Right now I have my stuff up at Seva Ann Arbor, Seva Detroit, and the DaVinci Salon in Ann Arbor. I’m looking to do a few more shows this year and have been keeping an eye out for new opportunities.

I just finished my thesis on zinemaking as art therapy and nonsuicidal self-injury. It was an amazing learning experience and I am happy that its complete. This time next year I will be graduating with a dual Masters in Art Therapy and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I’ve been in the program full-time for three years now. I can’t believe I am so close to being done, it feels unreal. I use art to not only suppliment my income, but as a means for self-care. Painting simply makes me feel better and it is incredibly touching that people have been buying my work and genuinely enjoy what I do. So, THANK YOU! Hope y’all are enjoying life and May the Forth be with you.

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Training in Mindfulness

Woke up this morning feeling a little nostalgic mixed with fear and excitement about the future. Both feelings can be beneficial, but what about the present. What about how I feel about what I am doing today? I am about to head to the DIA to see the exhibition “30 Americans” with a couple buds. Later tonight, I hope to get a tarot reading while asking a question about the future. I symbiotically live in the moment and stress about the future everyday. I wish I could STOP more often to you know…smell the flowers. I am trying to practice mindfulness and I think its really important, BUT… what about the 25 page procedure paper I have to write, and the huge Star Wars piece I need to paint for a upcoming show, and the 20 portraits I need to paint for the Tiny Expo, and the cat portrait commission I need to get started, and when will I find the time to see my family? I am a self proclaimed Queen of multitasking and I always seem to finish the things I need to do. I’ve learned worrying about my todo lists only makes my heart race. So today, I will take the time and appreciate that I am here, present in the moment, grateful to be alive, and enjoying things that make me happy.

My heart goes out to France, the lives that have been lost, and the people effected by the terrible shit that happened last night. Its difficult to NOT live in fear when in any second it could all be over. I am trying to take that fear and use it as a way to take more meaning and joy out of today, and everyday for that matter. I’ve got the present, right now, I am thankful for that and won’t waste any minute of it.

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Refractive copy

Join us for a new kind of event for the The Ann Arbor Art Center; a short-run 1 week exhibit, curated by local artists, showing work from local artists, but who operate on a national level. The opening night reception will have music, food, and drink, with an after party nearby. It’s not just an art show, it’s full night of engaging and interesting creativity.

‘Refractive’ is the act of shaping perception through our creative endeavors. The 20 regional artists involved are a talented and multidisciplined group. Their art is a reflection of themselves — and the world that they have chosen to inhabit. This show is as much about them as it is about what they create.

Artists Include:
Scott Allen, Erin Anderson-Ruddon, Peter Baker Photography, Aaron Bobzien, Lucy Cahill, Doug Coombe, Steven Emshwiller, Peter Breese, Jason Gibner, Helen Gotlib, Christina Huff, Corryn Jackson, Jen Munford Tattoo/Artist, Louis Perchikoff, Chris Sandon, Matthew Shlian, Fred Thomas, Tavi Veraldi and more…

Curated by Pete Baker and Jeremy Wheeler.

A year later…

I can’t keep apologizing for not staying up to date on this site. Ha, I am sooo busy! I have been back in school for the past year and work full time, not a ton of free time. I am at Wayne State University studying community counseling and art therapy. Its one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am super stoked to start helping people through art. Here are a few new pieces I did for class, a couple others just for fun, and the commissions Ive had in the past year….

GROOT IMG_0057 IMG_0181 IMG_0189 IMG_0205 IMG_0237 IMG_0239 IMG_0253 IMG_0343 IMG_2568 IMG_2574 IMG_2590 IMG_2593 IMG_2643 IMG_2645 IMG_2854 IMG_3154 IMG_3208 IMG_3424 IMG_3539 IMG_3545 IMG_3563 IMG_3838 pattismith ST

It’s a NEW YEAR…


2014 is upon us!! I have been a very unconnected artist these past few months. Partly for personal reasons and partly for lack of motivation and confusion about what the fuck I am doing. Day by day I am regaining the drive to network, show new work, and get more involved in the art world. It takes its toll on me sometimes. I get overwhelmed and tire of the game.

But its a new year and I am ready. I haven’t shown new work since May when I was out in San Francisco and I have produced some interesting new stuff that I can’t wait to unleash. I am slowly getting into planning this next years series of events and have some great new ideas for work that I cannot wait to execute. Above is my first new piece I did inspired by the POLAR VORTEX that has entrapped the midwest this week. Stay tuned….


Its a game changer…


On March 25th with a carload of artwork, art supplies, and camping gear I set out on an adventure across the country. For the past year I have been questioning my creativity and I needed inspiration, a reboot. As long as I am painting and creating I can usually say that I am happy. However, with a constant flow of incoming commissions and a one woman production line of art fair merchandise, I was feeling like my brain was no longer conceptually being tapped into. So, I set out on a mission.

My main goals were being able to relax, submerge into nature, make art, and see art. I spent most of my days hitting the pavement, getting lost and discovering parts of San Francisco and Oakland that I had never seen before. I was able to see artists that I admire live painting and throwing up 30 foot murals. Throughout the month my artwork was hanging at Brainwash Cafe, this showing gave me the feedback I needed in a new community. I also had to train my spastic brain into being able to sit in a park for hours with out any pressure of what I should be doing. I experienced Big Sur, the most beautiful and magical place I have ever been.

Five weeks later I headed home. The 3 day drive let me process what I had learned, what I wanted to change in myself and what I wanted for my future. I believe 2013 is my year to shine brighter than I ever have before. I’m working on me this year. Using my past, whether good or bad, as a stepping stone and not something to dwell on. Confronting issues within relationships in a timely matter, rather than letting the pressure build up resulting in a volcanic explosion. It’s become really important for me to be open to new mediums within my work, i.e. sculpture and public work. Finally, I need to create more conceptual art with imagery that is rooted in my brain and seen in my experiences.

This trip has changed my life and I am excited to see what happens next.

Venus Rising, Miami Connection, Partners in Crime

This January/February has some sweet shows I am involved with. January 26th from 7-11 at the Yellow Barn, 416 W. Huron, Ann Arbor Fancy Pants Arts & entertainment presents Venus Rising, an all woman art exhibition. I have 4 pieces on display for this one night only event. Its gonna be sweet, check out Facebook/fancypantsA2 for more info. On February 2nd, Jeremy Wheeler and the Vault of Midnight put together an action 80s movie themed show to raise awareness of awesome movies like “Miami Connection” playing at the Michigan Theater that same night. I should have a few new pieces ready for that. And finally, Lindsey Leyland and I are co-curating “Partners in Crime-a renegade love story” at the Vault UltraLounge on February 9th from 8-11pm, 219 Main Street, Ann Arbor. Sooooo many sweet themed art shows in the works, come on out and support your local artists, you wont regret it…Image


Holiday Commissions!!

Its Christmas time! Probably one of my most favorite times of year. People are typically nicer and more thoughtful. Its when we all take a month to think about others and spend as much time possible with friends & family. This season puts things in perspective. The reflection over the past year, what I would do differently and how I will be a better person in the year to come.

I love trying to come up with that perfect gift that so&so mentioned dreaming of back in February. Paintings make A PERFECT GIFT. I can take an old favorite photo and make it into a one of kind piece of art. Pick a celebrity or favorite character and I can create your dream image. Or maybe you want a portrait of you and your best friend made into monsters, I do that too. The possibilities are endless!!! I am taking on new commissions right up to the last minute but please if you have an idea or wanna talk pricing please email me at The last day to put an order in will be Dec. 20th, with only a local guarantee that I can get it to you in time for Christmas. If you are out of state it will depend on where and what I would be painting for you, so get your order in asap!

As always I want to thank everyone for your support. This year I have painted more new work than I thought possible and I am so thankful for all of the opportunities.

ImageHere is a photo of my Grandfather made into a painting for my Dad.Image