Just going to post ALL my old website stuff here

by Corryn Jackson

September 2010

Holy shit its been a whole summer. I have been in 4 weddings (including my big sister and best friends) and now my little brother is having a baby due September 24th, its been a busy whirlwind. I have been keeping my hands nimble by crafting my goods for Memade and entering my self in art shows as much as possible. If you peep out the shows tab you can see all that I am up to: upcoming, past and current. I am also trying to get an etsy site up for my Memade Goods so I can spread the word on my crafts and whatnot. I just started a line of greeting cards and I am continuing to make baby onsies and vinyl earrings. I am currently taking a month off living in Ann Arbor, Michigan for BABYTIME and I am attempting to keep busy as possible. Time goes by so fast when important life events happen and seriously I am just trying to keep up.

March 2010

What an amazing time in life, seriously. I have been so busy with fifty million things going on all at once. Last Sunday I was on an ABC program called 190 North. They did a small segment on alternative art galleries in Chicago and they picked us! I had my 2 seconds of fame. This Friday March 6th we are having an opening for Josh Crow at Thr3e Birds and then next Friday is the Deckadent Duchess show at 54B Gallery in Pilsen. Its going to be amazing. We were sponsored by Old Style and it falls on a second Friday which is a big deal because its the night for gallery walks. Lindsey and I have been working with this lovely lady Erin whos group the Mahalo Club is also involved we’ve got 15+ women involved painting up skateboard decks, pretty fuckin cool. THEN my sister Celeste is getting married to Sean on the 27th and everyone I know and love will be there. Those two have been ridiculously supportive of everthing I have been doing, I wish them all the happiness. Its intense this year with weddings, I am in 3 and attending 2 more! I get to travel a bit to Hilton Head Isl. Charleston and Savannah and I am stoked to go camping this year, I need a big one. All in all its been a good few months and I only forsee them getting better and better.


Its actually New Years Day, 01/01/10. I’ve really got high hopes again for this year, its gonna be the year of change. I usually say this every year around this time or if I am having a location dilemma but, Im hopeful. Since the gallery began about a year ago and I took over, nothing but positive vibes and good fortune has come from it. Then why do I feel like I am limiting myself? I always feel like it isn’t enough. Its my own personal issue I know but I hate the constant feeling that my work could be better, brighter, more interesting, and in more locations. Commission work has been steady for the last year and I enjoy each new challenge in a different way. I am up at two venues in Chicago and my Memade goods have been selling pretty well. But I have been yearning for a newness, and lately I feel as my life is becoming stale. Maybe its just today cause I am hungover and haven’t left my bed, but something is mos definitely missing. This year my plan is trying to figure out what it is….


This is by far my favorite month. Its been super busy, I suppose that’s why I haven’t wrote in a while. We just opened a new gallery called Three Birds Gallery @ 1323 N. Milwaukee. Half vintage clothes /half local artist gallery. The owner has been extremely supportive and excited about using all of our creative ideas towards two really dope spots. Pretty stoked about that. Also I moved into a new apartment by myself in a new neighborhood and its the best idea I have had in a while. I am way more productive when I am all by myself. In one week I have done more for myself than in the last month. I have been spending a lot of time involved with my job, which I love, but sometimes I loose focus on my art when I am excited about other projects. In November I am trying to put together a series that I have been working on since early July called the Soldier Series. I have been painting a series of 10 paintings that represent some of our American soldiers from World War II. I found some old photos of soldiers in the trash in a Logan Square alley, I swooped them up and began to paint. Our opening should be in Nov. but I’ll keep you posted…


The live painting aspect has come into my life and you know what? I love it. Its very personal and fun to be around people when I paint. A lot of times people don’t really talk to me when I am painting but I am not the best at engaging¬† people either. Practice and more experience with this I am sure will help.

March, April, May 2009

Wow, SLACKER! I haven’t exactly kept up with my updates. The internet at my house was sadly turned off so surfin the net is quite rare these days. I have been involved with a few LIVE painting shows lately that have been new and exciting, also I have been trying to book summer festivals and markets through out the summer, if you have any ideas let me know. Today I am actually pressed for time so at the end of the month I will update this thing with far more detail. I apologize to anyone hoping to get a legitimate update.

February 2009

Is it March already!? Wow, the days go by so much faster than they ever have before. This month I started two new ventures, Memade Goods and Mr & Mrs Wedding. Memade Goods is my new handmade item line of ashtrays, earrings and baby clothes. I know it sounds like a mixed unrelated cornucopia of things but they do have one thing in common….I made them myself. The ashtrays are made to look like record players, the earrings are made out of old 45 records and the baby clothes are one of a kind, screenprinted onsies. I will have everything up for sale on this website soon enough. Mr and Mrs Wedding is actually the brain child of Devin and Stef Fox. They had me paint an engagement photo that was taken by a proffessional photographer and had it displayed at their wedding. They started this new company for new and unique wedding planning ideas. There will be a link to my services as an artist to paint an original painting, either from an engagement or actual wedding photograph. How cool right? Both will be up and running soon I hope. In addition to all this buisiness stuff I am trying to fulfill my dream of being a muralist. I am going to start by volunteering with a group called Chicago Cares. They restore schools in Chicago by painting murals and doing general cleaning of the space. Also I am now registered with the City of Chicago’s artist registry for public works! I am really excited about everthing I am doing. I just hope all this diligent hard work will soon pay off. Ramen noodles really aren’t that good despite what college students may say. Yet again I ask all of you to wish me luck on another month as thee starving artist.

January 2009

It was a good year, that ol’ 2008. I loved, i lost, i traveled, i succeeded, i inspired, i was inspired by others, and i changed the way I look at my life. Now with 2009 I am setting new goals and hopefully accomplishing things I have never done before. I want to be in art shows at least once a month. I want to start selling my stuff online for more efficiency and ease. I want to go to Peru and volunteer at an orphanage. I want to run the Chicago Marathon. Finally, I want pay back my family and my crew for everything they have helped me to do. If all goes well and my determination succeeds me, 2009 will be as kick-ass as 2008. Wish me Luck.

December 2008

So living as an artist is hard to do. I have been keeping afloat these past few months but I need to go back to work. I would love to work with the art community especially with children. Its a challenge to try and live off a talent with no representation, you know I love a challenge so I won’t ever give up trying. But in order to survive I need steady work. Once summer comes I will set up a booth in Logan Square but right now its cold and wet with Christmas hovering the pocket book. I have been doing commission work and I am open to any ideas people may have in mind, just shoot me an email and you’ll receive a speedy response. Thanks to everyone supporting me as thee cliche “starving artist.”

October 2008

Just weeks ago I moved to the great state of Illinois. I am living on the West side of Chicago in a little place called Logan Square. I have my studio set up, I’ve been painting my heart out, and I am training to be an after school tutor for at-risk youth. Right now I have three new pieces hanging in a consignment store called Lenny & Me. I am in search for more broken skateboards. I’d like to do a series and pitch my idea to galleries. This is my new plan and I am running with it.

August 2008

How quickly the summer went by. Two months spent in the motherland of Africa. It’s unreal how living and working in that situation can change the scope for life and the world. The people of Uganda thrive with enjoyment and are content and happy with a way of life that most of us could never understand. Children smiles warm the insides of any traveler coming through. Open armed acceptance as a genuine gift and a heartfelt welcome. The people. I am in awe of their way of life. The land. Its like a dream I never knew existed. Waterfalls and lush plant life surrounding every step. Mountains and great plains for miles. Uganda has such diversity as a country. From jungle to mountains countrywide and its only the size of Oregon. My group. There is something about getting thrown into New York, private party at the UN and meeting the 8 other people I will be living with for the next two months. Turns out they are feeling just like me. Completely different paths but we were all supposed to meet at this point in history. From a 19 year old from Jersey whose been on every continent, to the lone boy from Vashon Island with an excellent taste in music, to the 26 year old Special Needs teacher in Texas with the mouth of a sailor, to the 30 year old lesbian organic farmer who always had more questions, to the passionate Christian with a Starbucks addiction, to the Ohio State student with high aspirations and intelligence, to the driven Itheca journalist who melts hearts with her laughter, to the 40 year old Louisiana leader with two kids, an engaging giggle, and an unstructured leadership style that put challenges on the plate, and then me, a Michigan artist that could not of asked for a better group and now is wondering what comes next.

I spent the summer in Africa. Now I am home and in transition. The question of the day, “Well…How was it?” I can write a few sentences about my experience, show you the amaizing pictures I managed to capture, but there is a hidden feeling inside me now that words nor images can explain. Its a part of me that makes me tear up when I think about it. Its a feeling I’ll spend a lifetime trying understand, and I love that. Its about making memories and living the best life we can. I am excited for the future, now its just trying to figure out whats next.