2011- plans, paintings, & progress

by Corryn Jackson

So, I recently put up all of my paintings, old & new! I have been meaning to do this for awhile now so I am glad I finally found the time and ALL of the images (some of them are super hard to see due to shitty camera). Its been pretty hectic. My sister is having her first child in February, I am painting a mural in the nursery, and I am going to be her live in nanny for a few months. In March I am leaving Lenny & Me/ Three Birds Gallery to start on a different path that will eventually lead me back to Ann Arbor. Hopefully if all goes well I will be running art & craft fairs monthly starting in April. I want to focus on being an artist again. For the past few years it has been awesome running the gallery & local artist section, managing a vintage furniture store, and just networking & meeting many of Chicago’s finest artisans. But I really have lost focus on putting my artwork out there beyond the Chicago and Ann Arbor city limits. That’s my 2011 goal, to spread my wings a bit and see where I land.

Below is a photo of my Thr3e Birds Gallery display. All of these are currently on SALE! “Quick Fix”, “Sir Deathrattle” & “Love of Form” are each $100.  “Mama Said”- $85. “the Ship”- $75.  “Music Muse”-$140