Springin’ FAST

by Corryn Jackson

So its been awhile since I have posted anything. Ive been on a road trip through Americas’ heartland and on a train out to Portland looking for inspiration. On May 14th, my business partner Lindsey and I ran our debut Local BAZAAR! It was a blast and I can’t wait for the next one!! It takes place on June 11th in Ann Arbor Michigan, Be sure to check it out! See more details @ http://streetheartgallery.wordpress.com

In other news I have two new paintings up @ Goldstar in Chicago. See the Shows page for more info. Its been such a busy Spring! I am also working on a group show for the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival at the end of July called “tryptic” showcasing an interesting array of 13 artists and their interpretation of our vague instructions. I’ll keep you posted on the details when I know more. Oh yeah did I mention I start my nanny job for my sister on Tuesday! Me and her adorable baby girl Sadie will be hanging out full time and I cannot wait! My goal for the summer is to work harder on keeping this updated. Check out some new pieces I did below and I’ll be in touch soon…

“Thelonious Monk”“E.T.”