what a girl will do for $400 bucks…

by Corryn Jackson

So here is a little before and after shot of what happened last week. I saw an ad in the Chicago Reader that said-“Would you shave your head for $500” I thought about it for a few days and decided to inquire. I NEVER wear my hair down, let alone do anything with it, so I decided to say “why not?” I made the call and set up a haircut. The man offered me $400 considering the damaged pink streak I’d been rocking for years. The reason for the ad was that the man involved was taking video footage for documentary about women being beautiful with or without hair. He donated my 14 inches to “Locks of Love” and put a $100 donation in my name to the Snt. Baldricks Foundation. All of these attributes really sealed the deal for me. I’ve been wanting to have a drastic change for a while now and the timing was just right. I have been really trying to regain some of my independence that last few months. I’ve been doing some extreme soul searching and taking trips in search for new inspiration, both that have revived my self esteem and confidence. So fuck it….I am bald and I really love it. People are looking at ME when we are talking. I feel like people can now see my heart & soul and I’ve got nothing to hide. I keep thinking about how the lack of long hair might question or confuse my femininity. If anything I feel MORE feminine and I have embraced parts of my physique and facial features in a whole different way. I have never been told I was beautiful this many times in one week in my ENTIRE 31 years of existence. A women in the grocery store yesterday walked up and said, “you are so beautiful, anyone that rocks a bald head has that special presence.” A complete stranger! My mom called the day after she saw the pictures, “Corryn Jackson! Alright, I told myself I wasn’t going to get emotional but seriously…what you have done is SOOO brave, it takes A LOT of guts to do what you did and I am so proud of you!” All of this was through sobs (she tends to cry a lot) and I couldn’t help but cry too. I feel renewed in so many ways that I never could have dreamed of. So if you are thinking about a change or want people to really look at YOU differently without being distracted in a new light, I highly recommend going bald. Its changed how I see myself in a more positive way and I have absolutely NO REGRETS.