Summers End

by Corryn Jackson

Seriously its over already. I thought I had more time. It blows my mind how fast things go, and I hate to say it, when you are having fun. Two weeks from now I am moving back to the great state of Michigan. I am an emotional wreck and I beg you, please don’t take advantage of me, I’m vulnerable.

Last weekend I sold my painting of E.T. out of the Goldstar bar on Division in Chicago, signed a lease in Ann Arbor, Michigan and had my Girlfest Hawaii design go live on the internet. Literally all happening within two days. On August 27th, I’ll be live painting on the Chicago House of Blues stage again for I AM FEST! I’ll keep everyone posted on whats going on in the upcoming months. But for now, Im just really excited…


Girlfest Hawaii promotional poster

the Empress- New piece done Aug 2011