i heart the fall

by Corryn Jackson

The cool brisk air + the sky raining leaves that fall so elegantly. Fall makes me feel productive, energetic, educated and creative. Mixed with my new current living situation. everythings lookin up Jackson. I’m rediscovering, re-experiencing a familiar place- Ann Arbor. Any given day I have been able to walk down the street and run into someone I know & love. It rules. I just feel more alive in the fall, it makes me happy. This weekend I painted a portrait of Bellatrix Lestrange, saw the fantastic Attack the Block at the State Theater, got asked to brand the Vault of Midnight with “my font” and help out with other creative projects, and spent hours in bed reading the book by Patti Smith called “Just Kids”. Sometimes I go months without breathing or doing anything for myself. Although I am very comfortable here and that scares me, I am excited to meet the challenges ahead. Thanks Fall for being awesome.