in the spirit

by Corryn Jackson

I am totally in the holiday spirit. There is so much to be thankful for and being around children during christmas time really accentuates the excitement. Although I miss my Sister, Sean and Sadie out in Chicago, Ann Arbor has really been great. The strong sense of community is beyond anything I have experienced in anywhere I have been. I love the trading factor within the art world too. Just last week I traded a painting for a new hair cut!I’ve been steadily busy doing commission work, painted gifts and greeting cards. Please check out my etsy site if you want to see some of my new creations- . Also if you want a custom painting done in time for Christmas please email me soon!!!

In other news, I recently painted some advertisement text on the Vault of Midnight’s windows and other random signage throughout this AMAZING shop. Please stop in there if you are in the Ann Arbor area – it rules.

As of Thursday, the magnificent Above Ground Hair Studio is displaying my work. Stop in there, get your hair did and take a gawk at my newest works!-

We’ll that is all I have to report right now but have a fantastic holiday and don’t forget to squeeze all those you love extra tight this year, I’ll update ya’ll in 2012!