2012=production mode

by Corryn Jackson

Whoa 2012, you are starting off like a real shotgun!! I had 4 commissions right out the gate.  Just got asked to be the featured artist at Espresso Royale on Main Street, Ann Arbor and I was picked to be one of the 30×30 artists at the Ann Arbor Art Center! SUPER STOKED. I am working on new pieces to hang at the cafe so please stop in and peep em if you’re in the Ann Arbor area. And the 30×30 show will be 30 NEW pieces! I am planning to do a “Team Childhood- the portraits of players” series. I’ve been planning it forever so i think it’ll be PERFECT. Also it benefits kids who can’t afford art classes so it double rules. see more info under the “Art Shows” tab. The Local BAZAAR is about to make a comeback as well. This time we are going to host the events 4 times this year, 1st one being the beginning of May (we are still working on locking down exact dates & times) at the Blind Pig, 208 South 1st Street, Ann Arbor. Its a perfect location for what we want to do so I am really excited for it. I’ll keep everyone posted when I know for sure when they’ll be. In addition, I have been working with Layne Jones and The Jones Fix a lot lately. I have two pieces of Marie Antoinette at Give Me Some Sugar at 2205 W. Belmont in Roscoe Village, Chicago where the Jones Fix did her magic. She also commissioned me to do portraits of Jeff Tweedy and James Dean for a home also in Chicago. I’ll post pics of those in my commissions section soon. And finally,  I just sold a piece I did of the Supremes at Lenny & Me in Wicker Park. So yeah, I’ve been smiling a lot lately, thanks 2012, lets keep up this momentum…..