Summertime!!! New work, commissions, and preparations

by Corryn Jackson

Holy moly time goes fast. I feel like I say that every time I post! Above is my sunglasses collection that I thought ya’ll should seen. I’ve got 60 and counting!! Well I have had a steady need for commissions through The Jones Fix. They’ve been super fun and challenging. From portraits of Julia Childs to paintings of Chanel perfume bottles. I’ve been asked to do it all! I posted all the new ones I have done for The Jones Fix on my commissions tab, peep em if you want. There aren’t any shows happening in June for me, but I do have work up still at Above Ground Hair Salon on State Street. In July I will be returning to Espresso Royale on Main Street as their featured artist and that means I will be up for the Ann Arbor Art Fair! whooo hoooo! Also on August 5th from 12-5 my business partner Lindsey Leyland and I will be holding another Local BAZAAR! I’ll post our flyer and other info as soon as we get everything together. Its gonna be at the Blind Pig which totally rules. Also, September 14-16th I will be setting up my very own booth at the Ferndale DIY Fair. It will be my first time setting up a whole space devoted to my art and handmade goods, super stoked about it. It takes place on East 9 Mile and Woodward. I’ll keep everyone posted on my exact where abouts. My friends and fellow artists Erin Anderson-Ruddon and Jason Gibner will also have booths, hopefully close by. Other than all these amazing new endeavors I have been enjoying my first Summer in Ann Arbor since 2003. I’ve got the amazing support of my family & crew and I couldn’t be happier. Hopefully the momentum of producing new work keeps up and I can continue to show in as many places possible. I’ll definitely be posting again really soon with more details about upcoming events! As always….thanks for your support. Below is my newest piece, I am working on some abstract pieces that Im really juiced on: