DIY Street Fair & why I smile more in the Fall

by Corryn Jackson

Its that time of year again where everything about me feels enhanced. I feel stronger, more creative, and totally optimistic about the future. I get more done in the fall. This season makes me want to be involved in the world more. I am simply happier.  I love pressure and the challenge of juggling a million things at once, its just how I work I guess.

Right now I am getting prepared for the DIY Street Fair which takes place September 14th-16th in Ferndale, MI. I’ll be located in booth 9 and there is a map on their website of where all the vendors are located. This is my first booth festival. I had to paint a lot of new work and come up with a variety new designs for my Memade Goods stuff to fill a 10 foot booth. I am super stoked about it. If you are around that weekend it’s gonna be a fun festival. tons of local music. tons of  local artists. great food. drinks. need i say more.

After the festival it’s GO time for holiday commissions. Its gonna be a busy season so if you’re looking to get a custom piece done for presents let me know as soon as possible so can make sure to have them done. Email me at with any questions!