Holiday Commissions!!

by Corryn Jackson

Its Christmas time! Probably one of my most favorite times of year. People are typically nicer and more thoughtful. Its when we all take a month to think about others and spend as much time possible with friends & family. This season puts things in perspective. The reflection over the past year, what I would do differently and how I will be a better person in the year to come.

I love trying to come up with that perfect gift that so&so mentioned dreaming of back in February. Paintings make A PERFECT GIFT. I can take an old favorite photo and make it into a one of kind piece of art. Pick a celebrity or favorite character and I can create your dream image. Or maybe you want a portrait of you and your best friend made into monsters, I do that too. The possibilities are endless!!! I am taking on new commissions right up to the last minute but please if you have an idea or wanna talk pricing please email me at The last day to put an order in will be Dec. 20th, with only a local guarantee that I can get it to you in time for Christmas. If you are out of state it will depend on where and what I would be painting for you, so get your order in asap!

As always I want to thank everyone for your support. This year I have painted more new work than I thought possible and I am so thankful for all of the opportunities.

ImageHere is a photo of my Grandfather made into a painting for my Dad.Image