by Corryn Jackson

Refractive copy

Join us for a new kind of event for the The Ann Arbor Art Center; a short-run 1 week exhibit, curated by local artists, showing work from local artists, but who operate on a national level. The opening night reception will have music, food, and drink, with an after party nearby. It’s not just an art show, it’s full night of engaging and interesting creativity.

‘Refractive’ is the act of shaping perception through our creative endeavors. The 20 regional artists involved are a talented and multidisciplined group. Their art is a reflection of themselves — and the world that they have chosen to inhabit. This show is as much about them as it is about what they create.

Artists Include:
Scott Allen, Erin Anderson-Ruddon, Peter Baker Photography, Aaron Bobzien, Lucy Cahill, Doug Coombe, Steven Emshwiller, Peter Breese, Jason Gibner, Helen Gotlib, Christina Huff, Corryn Jackson, Jen Munford Tattoo/Artist, Louis Perchikoff, Chris Sandon, Matthew Shlian, Fred Thomas, Tavi Veraldi and more…

Curated by Pete Baker and Jeremy Wheeler.