Training in Mindfulness

by Corryn Jackson

Woke up this morning feeling a little nostalgic mixed with fear and excitement about the future. Both feelings can be beneficial, but what about the present. What about how I feel about what I am doing today? I am about to head to the DIA to see the exhibition “30 Americans” with a couple buds. Later tonight, I hope to get a tarot reading while asking a question about the future. I symbiotically live in the moment and stress about the future everyday. I wish I could STOP more often to you know…smell the flowers. I am trying to practice mindfulness and I think its really important, BUT… what about the 25 page procedure paper I have to write, and the huge Star Wars piece I need to paint for a upcoming show, and the 20 portraits I need to paint for the Tiny Expo, and the cat portrait commission I need to get started, and when will I find the time to see my family? I am a self proclaimed Queen of multitasking and I always seem to finish the things I need to do. I’ve learned worrying about my todo lists only makes my heart race. So today, I will take the time and appreciate that I am here, present in the moment, grateful to be alive, and enjoying things that make me happy.

My heart goes out to France, the lives that have been lost, and the people effected by the terrible shit that happened last night. Its difficult to NOT live in fear when in any second it could all be over. I am trying to take that fear and use it as a way to take more meaning and joy out of today, and everyday for that matter. I’ve got the present, right now, I am thankful for that and won’t waste any minute of it.