What’s happenin

by Corryn Jackson

Its been a crazy productive 2017 so far. I’ve painted 25 new paintings and sold 18, some old, some new. As always I am pretty shoddy on keeping this site updated. I consistently post pictures of new work on Instagram: cjackattack. Currently I have some work up at Storenvy, just a few paintings and my Bad Bitch postcard packs. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll update it to have all my current works for sale. Right now I have my stuff up at Seva Ann Arbor, Seva Detroit, and the DaVinci Salon in Ann Arbor. I’m looking to do a few more shows this year and have been keeping an eye out for new opportunities.

I just finished my thesis on zinemaking as art therapy and nonsuicidal self-injury. It was an amazing learning experience and I am happy that its complete. This time next year I will be graduating with a dual Masters in Art Therapy and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I’ve been in the program full-time for three years now. I can’t believe I am so close to being done, it feels unreal. I use art to not only suppliment my income, but as a means for self-care. Painting simply makes me feel better and it is incredibly touching that people have been buying my work and genuinely enjoy what I do. So, THANK YOU! Hope y’all are enjoying life and May the Forth be with you.

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