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DIY Street Fair & why I smile more in the Fall

Its that time of year again where everything about me feels enhanced. I feel stronger, more creative, and totally optimistic about the future. I get more done in the fall. This season makes me want to be involved in the world more. I am simply happier.  I love pressure and the challenge of juggling a million things at once, its just how I work I guess.

Right now I am getting prepared for the DIY Street Fair which takes place September 14th-16th in Ferndale, MI. I’ll be located in booth 9 and there is a map on their website of where all the vendors are located. This is my first booth festival. I had to paint a lot of new work and come up with a variety new designs for my Memade Goods stuff to fill a 10 foot booth. I am super stoked about it. If you are around that weekend it’s gonna be a fun festival. tons of local music. tons of  local artists. great food. drinks. need i say more.

After the festival it’s GO time for holiday commissions. Its gonna be a busy season so if you’re looking to get a custom piece done for presents let me know as soon as possible so can make sure to have them done. Email me at with any questions!


The Local BAZAAR!


So, I am late to post but on Sunday from 12-5 at the Blind Pig, 208 South First Street, Ann Arbor me and Lindsey Leyland are throwing another Local BAZAAR. This one I am most excited about. We have some really awesome vendors and its at my favorite place, the Blind Pig. There is gonna be a Bloody Mary bar and DJs Dick Jones and DJ Pauze are playing the jams, its gonna rule. I have tons of new prints, magnets, and earrings that I am going to sell. I’ve been working like a mad woman…as always. This summer has gone by so fast I feel like my heads just spinning.

I am also staying up for another month at Espresso Royale Cafe on Main Street. I was super successful last month and sold a 9 new pieces. Pretty sweet. Any new work I have been doing has gone directly onto the ERCs walls so peep them out if you can!

On September 14-16th I’ll be setting up at the DIY Fest in Ferndale. Its going to be a ton of fun. Tons of live music, awesome art and I can’t wait! I’ll post more info on where I’ll be and whatnot when I know.

Being back in Ann Arbor has been amazing. The community of awesome people I am surrounded by makes me smile everyday. I am so grateful of all the support & love I get here, its truly where I wanna be. I miss my family in Chicago but hopefully they will be back in the mitten soon.

Summertime!!! New work, commissions, and preparations

Holy moly time goes fast. I feel like I say that every time I post! Above is my sunglasses collection that I thought ya’ll should seen. I’ve got 60 and counting!! Well I have had a steady need for commissions through The Jones Fix. They’ve been super fun and challenging. From portraits of Julia Childs to paintings of Chanel perfume bottles. I’ve been asked to do it all! I posted all the new ones I have done for The Jones Fix on my commissions tab, peep em if you want. There aren’t any shows happening in June for me, but I do have work up still at Above Ground Hair Salon on State Street. In July I will be returning to Espresso Royale on Main Street as their featured artist and that means I will be up for the Ann Arbor Art Fair! whooo hoooo! Also on August 5th from 12-5 my business partner Lindsey Leyland and I will be holding another Local BAZAAR! I’ll post our flyer and other info as soon as we get everything together. Its gonna be at the Blind Pig which totally rules. Also, September 14-16th I will be setting up my very own booth at the Ferndale DIY Fair. It will be my first time setting up a whole space devoted to my art and handmade goods, super stoked about it. It takes place on East 9 Mile and Woodward. I’ll keep everyone posted on my exact where abouts. My friends and fellow artists Erin Anderson-Ruddon and Jason Gibner will also have booths, hopefully close by. Other than all these amazing new endeavors I have been enjoying my first Summer in Ann Arbor since 2003. I’ve got the amazing support of my family & crew and I couldn’t be happier. Hopefully the momentum of producing new work keeps up and I can continue to show in as many places possible. I’ll definitely be posting again really soon with more details about upcoming events! As always….thanks for your support. Below is my newest piece, I am working on some abstract pieces that Im really juiced on:

30×30 art show @ The Ann Arbor Art Center- March 24th & 25th

I have spent the last month, everyday, at least once thinking about or actually painting this series. Now I can breathe. It’s been an amazing experience and I have learned a lot about myself and challenged my artistic skill. About a year ago I had the idea to paint a series based on childhood “friends” or icons in my mind. I focused completely on the 80s, the homies I met my first 10 years. I made a list of 40+ characters that meant a lot to me growing up. Over Christmas my sister sent me a call for artists at the Ann Arbor Art Center for the 30X30 show. It is a sale of 30 works by 30 artists in 30 days on sale for $40 each. Whew. The artists receive a commission but ½ goes to raise funds for low-income households to take Art Center courses for free. PERFECT for my icon series! So I applied and got accepted!

So that’s why I decided to paint:

“Team Childhood- Portraits of Players”

Its really sad to be done now, I have spent so much time with these chosen characters (which was such a hard choice!) They’re my buddies surrounding my tiny apartment everyday. My friends. On Sunday I am bringing them to the Art Center and it will be hard to let them go. The show is on March 24 & 25, 12-5 PM.  I have no control on who gets what, its first come first serve. Once pieces are sold the patron takes the work with them so people tend to line up about an hour before to get first pick and see the show. On Friday, March 23rd the Art Center is open till 6pm so if anyone wants to see all the work as one go to the third floor gallery @ 117 W. Liberty St., Ann Arbor, MI. Sorry no presales are allowed. If a piece sells and you REALLY wanted it I can totally be commissioned to do another one. It won’t be exactly the same but that’s one of the many beauties of art! Please contact me at and lets talk!

I appreciate all the love and support from my friends and family, I don’t know how to thank you enough, you mean the world to me.

So yeah, check em out!!

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2012=production mode

Whoa 2012, you are starting off like a real shotgun!! I had 4 commissions right out the gate.  Just got asked to be the featured artist at Espresso Royale on Main Street, Ann Arbor and I was picked to be one of the 30×30 artists at the Ann Arbor Art Center! SUPER STOKED. I am working on new pieces to hang at the cafe so please stop in and peep em if you’re in the Ann Arbor area. And the 30×30 show will be 30 NEW pieces! I am planning to do a “Team Childhood- the portraits of players” series. I’ve been planning it forever so i think it’ll be PERFECT. Also it benefits kids who can’t afford art classes so it double rules. see more info under the “Art Shows” tab. The Local BAZAAR is about to make a comeback as well. This time we are going to host the events 4 times this year, 1st one being the beginning of May (we are still working on locking down exact dates & times) at the Blind Pig, 208 South 1st Street, Ann Arbor. Its a perfect location for what we want to do so I am really excited for it. I’ll keep everyone posted when I know for sure when they’ll be. In addition, I have been working with Layne Jones and The Jones Fix a lot lately. I have two pieces of Marie Antoinette at Give Me Some Sugar at 2205 W. Belmont in Roscoe Village, Chicago where the Jones Fix did her magic. She also commissioned me to do portraits of Jeff Tweedy and James Dean for a home also in Chicago. I’ll post pics of those in my commissions section soon. And finally,  I just sold a piece I did of the Supremes at Lenny & Me in Wicker Park. So yeah, I’ve been smiling a lot lately, thanks 2012, lets keep up this momentum…..

GirlFest Hawaii!!! February 16-20th, 2012

Super excited about this event. I was involved with them in 2010 by hanging a few pieces in a Honolulu gallery, Bambu Two. This year they asked me to do the promotional art! Just booked my flight. Check out their website :

in the spirit

I am totally in the holiday spirit. There is so much to be thankful for and being around children during christmas time really accentuates the excitement. Although I miss my Sister, Sean and Sadie out in Chicago, Ann Arbor has really been great. The strong sense of community is beyond anything I have experienced in anywhere I have been. I love the trading factor within the art world too. Just last week I traded a painting for a new hair cut!I’ve been steadily busy doing commission work, painted gifts and greeting cards. Please check out my etsy site if you want to see some of my new creations- . Also if you want a custom painting done in time for Christmas please email me soon!!!

In other news, I recently painted some advertisement text on the Vault of Midnight’s windows and other random signage throughout this AMAZING shop. Please stop in there if you are in the Ann Arbor area – it rules.

As of Thursday, the magnificent Above Ground Hair Studio is displaying my work. Stop in there, get your hair did and take a gawk at my newest works!-

We’ll that is all I have to report right now but have a fantastic holiday and don’t forget to squeeze all those you love extra tight this year, I’ll update ya’ll in 2012!


i heart the fall

The cool brisk air + the sky raining leaves that fall so elegantly. Fall makes me feel productive, energetic, educated and creative. Mixed with my new current living situation. everythings lookin up Jackson. I’m rediscovering, re-experiencing a familiar place- Ann Arbor. Any given day I have been able to walk down the street and run into someone I know & love. It rules. I just feel more alive in the fall, it makes me happy. This weekend I painted a portrait of Bellatrix Lestrange, saw the fantastic Attack the Block at the State Theater, got asked to brand the Vault of Midnight with “my font” and help out with other creative projects, and spent hours in bed reading the book by Patti Smith called “Just Kids”. Sometimes I go months without breathing or doing anything for myself. Although I am very comfortable here and that scares me, I am excited to meet the challenges ahead. Thanks Fall for being awesome.


Summers End

Seriously its over already. I thought I had more time. It blows my mind how fast things go, and I hate to say it, when you are having fun. Two weeks from now I am moving back to the great state of Michigan. I am an emotional wreck and I beg you, please don’t take advantage of me, I’m vulnerable.

Last weekend I sold my painting of E.T. out of the Goldstar bar on Division in Chicago, signed a lease in Ann Arbor, Michigan and had my Girlfest Hawaii design go live on the internet. Literally all happening within two days. On August 27th, I’ll be live painting on the Chicago House of Blues stage again for I AM FEST! I’ll keep everyone posted on whats going on in the upcoming months. But for now, Im just really excited…


Girlfest Hawaii promotional poster

the Empress- New piece done Aug 2011

“Tryptic”- Time, Material & Space @ the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival!

So I have been super ultimately excited and stressed about this show Sarah and I have been planning for the past 3 months. Our proposal was accepted back in April and this is what we are showing for Chicago’s Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival July 29th-31st! The show opens Friday from 4-10pm and is open Saturday 12-10pm and Sunday 12-10pm. Please come to 2515 N. Milwaukee to peep out what all these folks have been creatin!

“Tryptic- Time, Materials, & Space”  Curated by Corryn Jackson & Sarah Gardiner

Tryptic will showcase the culmination of three months of work from 13 artists. Beginning in April and ending in June, artists received one instruction per month for a project in the mail. These instructions functioned as inspiration and focus, but did not put restriction on the medium. When Tryptic is complete, 3 webs of completely original and diverse groups of art will emerge, tied together by 3 themes.

Live performances: Paul Bancel ( will be performing at 9pm on Friday 2/29, and 6pm on Saturday 7/30 with a video and sound performance. We’ll have DJs the entire weekend, including Louis Perchikoff from 3-4pm, and then Mike Bulington from 4-5pm — both on Saturday (more DJs TBA). We are sharing the space with three other galleries, so there will be other performances and DJs not affiliated with our space, but I’m sure equally as sweet.

Artists include Erin Anderson-Ruddon, Alana Bailey, Paul Bancel, Uriel Correa, Mollie Edgar, Steven Emshwiller, Andrew Freels, Sarah Gardiner, Corryn Jackson, Lindsey Leyland, Cristina Mezuk, Diana Terry, Pete Ziegel

Our gallery is BYOB, so bring a six pack and hang out!

See milwaukeeavenueartsfestiva​ or